The Collaborative works for lasting accountability and transparency reforms within the Chicago Police Department by engaging in direct advocacy with city and state officials, providing technical assistance and education to support community groups, and conducting public education.

We believe that reform must be centered on the principles of transparency, accountability, and performance:


  • Systemic collection and disclosure of data related to police activity through easily accessible public platforms

  • Increased transparency in police misconduct settlements and judgments

  • Prompt and full responses by the City Law Department to FOIA requests


  • Ending the chronic pattern and practice of officers' lying to protect other officers

  • Establishment of a community oversight board to oversee police bodies

  • Prompt and thorough investigation of alleged police misconduct

  • prompt and fair hearings to determine whether police officers violated the law or professional standards and, if so, what disciplinary actions are appropriate    


  • Implementation of a mandatory Early Intervention System to identify and immediately respond to problem behaviors

  • Design and implementation of a robust and continuing mandatory training program for officers throughout the course of their careers

  • Design and enforcement of best practice standards related to recruitment, promotion, and supervision